Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We are Officially Homeowners!!!

I know I have been MIA from blogging lately. We have had so much going on with packing, closing on our house and getting the new house all ready and moved in.

I'm very happy to say we ended up closing on our house 5 days earlier then we thought! We were so excited and couldn't wait to get into our new home. The day of signing was July 26th. It wasn't as bad as people made it out to be, it took us about an hour to sign all the paperwork and call it ours!
After we signed we headed over to the house to celebrate and have some wine. We had a couple of our friends meet us there to share the wonderful moment!

We couldn't wait to get into our home and have it all set up so we started painting right away. That Saturday the 28th we started right in trying to get stuff done. We got 2 rooms done that day/night the living room and half bath. We worked all weekend on our house and it was so fun and I couldn't be more happy to do it!
We ended up taking off work from July 31st through August 13th to paint, move and get settled. We got everything painted and moved in by I would say Thursday the 2nd. We have everything pretty much set up like we want it. There are a couple rooms that aren't done yet, (1) is the spare bedroom and the other is my craft/photography room, so nothing major and we can take our time on those. I will be getting a new desk so once my desk is in and set up I will start getting my room set up!

I have pictures of our house before and after we painted so I will be posting those once my room and pictures are workable. :)

The last part of our time off we went to Arkansas for the weekend with another couple. It was just a little vacation to get away. We rented a cabin on top of the mountains and just hung out all weekend. It was so nice and no one around us! I will post more about our trip later with pictures.

We are now back to work and getting back to our normal routine. :)

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