Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!
I hope you all have a safe and fun time with the kids trick-or-treating!
Shane and I will be passing out candy again this year, so we will get to see all the cute kids dressed up.
We passed out candy last night and with it be the first year in our house we weren't sure how many kids we would get. We bought some candy and made treat bags, but we did run out pretty fast. So, this year we made a bunch more, hopefully we don't run out again. Haha!

Here are the treat bags we made Monday night.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Memorial Tattoo for Grandpa

After my Grandpa passed, my little sister and I decided to get a Memorial tattoo for him. She had her tattoo guy draw something up for us based on what we wanted. We scheduled the appointment to go on Oct 26th. I was very pleased with what was drawn up from the tattoo guy and super excited for it! It didn't take long for him to do it and I was very happy with how it looks. I just really love this tattoo and my Grandpa will always be with me.

My sister is the one who came up with this idea of getting a Dove, since it means Peace and having the orange cancer ribbon on it was a great idea. The orange cancer ribbon stands for Kidney Cancer.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting Back to Real Life....

We arrived back from Mexico late Friday Oct 18th, was no ready to come home and get back to "real life", LOL. We had such an awesome vacation with our friends from Tacoma, WA. It had been 2 years since we meet them and seen them, so we had so much fun spending the week together. I have a ton of pictures that I took, I will be sharing those soon with everyone. Well not all of them but some of them. :)

We are trying to get back into our normal routine of being home and working and all the fun stuff that we do everything, HAHA! I think we are mostly back to normal, but still wish we had more time on vacation with our friends.

It has been a while since I have actually blogged about things we have done, cooked and what not. I had so much going on when my Grandpa passed (cleaning out his house, calling people about his passing bill people and life insurance people etc....) that I didn't have time for hardly anything and I was just wore out and didn't feel like blogging at the time. Now that I'm back from vacation I'm finally getting everything wrapped up and to a close with my Grandpa.

My goal for this week is to hopefully have a couple blog post and get back into my normally blogging routine. So stayed tuned for pictures and details of our MX vacation! :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Off to Mexcio we go!!!

I'm so excited that we are leaving for Mexico this morning!!

This vacation is much needed and I'm ready for some relaxing time of doing NOTHING!!!

We are meeting some friends down there we meet there in 2011. We have stayed in touch ever since but haven't seen them. We can't wait to hang out for a whole week with them!!

We will return to KC on Friday October 18th .

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Mom

These past few months have been really crazy. First with my Grandpa and his surgery then losing him.

Let's go back to last Friday Sept 27th....We got a call at 6:00am from my mom's husband letting us know they took my mom to KU because she couldn't breathe. They got her stable and on oxygen so she was doing a little better. Friday afternoon they did a lung test to see what was going on, so we had to wait till Saturday to find those results. Come Saturday my mom called me to let me know they got the results back and she has COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). They ended up keeping her till Monday just to make sure she was doing okay without oxygen and her heart rate was going back to normal. The steroid they were giving her was making her heart rate jump high, so they needed to get that under control and monitor her. She got out Monday afternoon and is doing much better now. She has some inhalers that she needs to use from now on in case her breathing gets out of control again. My mom was a smoker so that is how she got COPD. She has said she plans on stopping and since everything has happened she hasn't felt the need to have one, let's pray that continues.
Once scary thing from this is that when she arrived at the hospital Friday they nurse told her if she would have called any later she would have died. WHAT?!? That is too much of a close call talking about losing my mom. I'm thankful she is still here and is doing much better. I hope that she continues to better her health knowing that she has this disease. I will support her however she needs to keep herself healthy for sure.

I'm telling you in the past few months I have seen enough hospitals and don't want to see them for a long long time again. LOL.

I'm very thankful we are leaving for Mexico on October 11th. I'm so in need of a vacation after this busy time in my life!

Please continue to pray for my mom and that everything goes well for her in the future dealing with COPD.

I love you Mom!!