Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 weeks To Go....

The day is arriving slowly but surely!! Today marks exactly 2 weeks till we get to close on our very first house! We both are so excited about this and can't wait. We are getting so antsy awaiting the day to come!
I have been slowly getting our house packed up and we have boxes everywhere. We are are getting cramped with all the boxes stacked up in our dining room. LOL. Normally I would be freaking out b/c of so much stuff in one room but right now I don't care b/c I know we will be in our house very shortly!

I have been very busy lately with the house move coming up, Wedding pictures to edit and I did a birthday shoot last Saturday so I have those to edit as well. My plan to have all the pictures done by the time we close so I won't have to worry about them while we are trying to move!
So if I become MIA for awhile it's b/c I'm trying to get everything done before July 31st! I'm hoping I can the wedding pictures done by the end of this week. The birthday pictures shouldn't take but a couple of days to go through once I get started on them!

Wish my luck on getting everything ready to go! :)

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