Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Well Hello!

It's been awhile since my last post but here I am back again! The Thanksgiving holiday was a busy time for us so didn't have much time to post anything. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did lots of yummy food! I will be posting more about our Thanksgiving later with some yummy foods that we made this year.
I was so sad to go back to a full work week after having 4 days off but I guess we need money so we have to work. LOL. I'm a little behind on posting so I will be trying to get caught up this week. :)

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to do the 365 day challenge and start that on 12/1/11. Well since tomorrow is 12/1 I think this challenge will need to be pushed out till 1/1/12. I need to get myself ready for this one! But starting this at the beginning of a new might be good. That way I can see how the year goes. so stay tuned for those posting beginning of 2012!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekly Dinners 11/13 - 11/19

Weekly Dinner Time....Hope everyone had a great week. 

Sunday 11/13: Turkey Club, Chips and a Pickle

Monday 11/14 - Turkey Club, Soup and a pickle...Yes turkey club again, it was yummy!

Tuesday 11/15: White Chili...I forgot to take a photo of it :(

Wednesday 11/16: We didn't have an actual meal so this was snack for the night.

Thursday 11/17: The husband wasn't hungry so I made myself a salad.

Friday 11/18: My brother and I went to dinner at Margarita's. Love that place!

Saturday 11/19: We had a very late dinner so we just grab a quick bite on the way home.

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Purse

I have been wanting a new purse for a few weeks now....I have been looking everywhere and just couldn't seem to find one that really caught my eye. But I didn't give up on searching...Yesterday I was looking around online and I found one that I thought might be great. I decided after work I was going to head to Oak Park Mall and check it out and see what I thought about it.

Well I came home with a new purse. I really liked this one and it was on sale 50% off! It was originally $70 and I got it for $34.99. Great deal I thought. I usually have a hard time spending a lot on a purse so I always try to find sales on a cute one I like. :)

Here is my new addition.
I'm thinking I might need a new fun wallet to go with this....Christmas is coming so that might be something to add to my list!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Courtney Wickliffe Photography

I have finally got my Facebook page up and going now!! 
Check it out and "Like" my page

Enjoy and I hope you schedule your shoot today!

10 days 10 things - Day Ten

This is the last day of this...So day 10 is about things I'm thankful for. I thought this was fitting since Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

1. My Husband
2. Life
3. My Job
4. Family
5. Friends
6. Being Healthy
7. My crazy animal...I think I would be bored without Kira. LOL ;)
8. Being Crafty/Photography
9. Memories
10. Beautiful Fall Days

I had fun sharing all these different things. Now hopefully to start another fun thing here soon to share more...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 days 10 things - Day Nine

Day Eight is about stores I like to shop at.

1. Hobby Lobby

2. Gordman's

3. Wal-Mart

4. New York & Company

5. Shutterfly...This is online but I love getting photo books from here.

6. Amazon...Online but I have been ordering more photography stuff from here.
7. Archiver's

8. Target

9. Kohl's 

10. B& H Photo...Online but they have tons of photography stuff!

Monday, November 14, 2011

10 days 10 things - Day Eight

Day Eight is about things I did over the weekend. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did, it was so nice all weekend. I'm going to miss these days as winter will one day be here. 

1. Happy Hour...Friday after work we meet up with a friend for happy hour @ Johnny's 

2. Christmas Shopping...Saturday morning we got up and went and did some Christmas  shopping. We only did this because one thing was on sale we wanted to get then we also had a 25% entire purchase coupon we had to use. 1 person down for Christmas!

3. Photo Shoot...Saturday afternoon I had a photo shoot to do at Hodge Park. I have a great time. What for pictures to come later this week.

4. Drinks w/ Friends...Saturday evening we headed over to a friends house to see their new house and have some drinks. It was good evening. 

5. Sunday Cleaning...Sunday morning we got up and cleaned the house. Well all the house expect for the Bedroom that will be done later during the week. It was much needed to be cleaned.

6. Grocery Shopping...Every Sunday we do our grocery shopping for the week. Oh what fun. haha

7. Laundry....Sunday is Laundry day so I got all the laundry done and ready to go for the week.

8. New Buffet server/warmer...Before heading out for grocery shopping we checked out the Sunday ads and ran across this little baby. We have talked about getting one but not till we get a house, but this was a good deal and couldn't pass it up. It's regularly $52.00 and we got it on sale for $27. Sweet Right?!?! We look forward to using this soon, possibly on Thanksgiving!

9. New rug...Our rugs are much over do to be replaced. So Sunday while at Wal-Mart we decided to get one this week and get another next.

10. Walk...What a nice Sunday afternoon to take the dog for a walk. Love this weather!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly Dinners 11/6 - 11/12

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was going to start posting weekly about dinner meals we have throughout the week. Here is my first one. This week was kinda boring but oh well it's a start. 

Sunday 11/6 - Shrimp & Baked Potato

Monday 11/7 - I had a craving for Subway

Tuesday 11/8 - I just had a quick small fry from McDonald's. I had to do a favor for a friend so didn't have time to cook. When I got home I wasn't hungry anymore. LOL
Wednesday 11/9 - We had a big lunch so neither of us was hungry for dinner.

Thursday 11/10 - We had Shane's dad and sister over for dinner.
We had Spaghetti, Salad & Bread Sticks.

Friday 11/11 -  Went to Happy Hour at Johnny's and had a slice a of pizza for dinner

Saturday 11/12 - We went to a friends house for Happy Hour so we just grab Subway on the way.

10 days 10 things - Day Seven

Day seven is about my some of my favorite things.

1. My Husband...I love my hubby is a wonderful man and my best friend. I love spending time with him!

2. Photgraphy...I have alwasy has a passion for pictures. I'm now trying to get more involved and better at photography. So far I'm doing great.

3. Crafts...I love making like cards, invitations, name frames and much more. I haven't really done much lately. Hopefully here soon I can get back into making fun stuff.
This isn't my craft room but maybe someday...LOL

4. TV...I love just sitting around days and watching TV.

5. Camping...I love to go camping with all my friends. This is such a great time and being outside is wonderful

6. Float Trips...In the past few years we have been doing a float trip. These are so much fun! I love it.

7. Spending time w/ family and friends...
This was taken before we did the Crawl for Cancer on 10/15. This was a great time w/ our friends.

8. Traveling...I love to travel and can't wait to do LOTS more of it!

9. BBQ's...When the weather is nice I love having friends or family over for BBQ's. The hubby smokes great meat and is always yummy and of course a great time.

10. Baking...I love to bake but haven't done much of it recently. With the holiday's coming I'm sure there will be more baking in my life.