Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Well today is my birthday and I'm now 28 years old. This year I didn't really make a big deal out of my birthday with planning to do something and what not. It's just kinda like whatever we will do something if it comes up or not. LOL. Nothing big planned this year just another year passing Haha :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! Have fun and be safe!! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's Official!!!

Thursday night we went back and looked at house #7 that we both really liked. We still loved the house and we decided to put in an offer that night. Later that night we meet with the Realtor and got our offer wrote up. It was so exciting and I was so nervous. He said we should hear something back within 24-48 hours. Friday at work I was mess thinking about the house and if they were going to except our offer or not. We were heading to dinner Friday night and we got the call saying the seller came back with a counter offer, so we countered them back and now we were just waiting to hear back. It was about an hour or so later and Shane had left to go pick up something. I was sitting at home going crazy waiting for an answer. Shane came home and he says are you still going crazy, I was like are you kidding me yes, he says well you shouldn't be anymore we just bought a house they accepted our offer. I was so excited I jumped off the couch and into his arms and started crying. This was so exciting and I couldn't believe it was actually happening. :) Now we just have to get through inspection and we will be in the clear! 


Here is the link to see more pictures of  our houseOur House.

I will keep everyone updated on our process through buying our house!
We both are super exciting and can't wait to be in our first house!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Kasey's Graduation Day!

My sister did it! On May 20th my sister got to walk across the stage and graduate High School from Staley. I'm so proud of her! It feels crazy to have both my brother and sister out of high school and in the real world. Still doesn't seem like it should be real. LOL. I'm so proud of them both!

My sister has grown up so much in the past few years. I have really enjoyed watching her grow into such a wonderful young lady and I can't wait to continue to watch her grow! She will be attending Maple Woods college in the fall for general education right now. She isn't sure what she wants to be just yet.

Way to go Kasey!
I'm such a proud sister of 2 amazing siblings that graduated high shool within the last few years!
I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of them!

All the graduates walking in.
 She's getting ready to walk across the stage!
And there she is, She did it!
This is Nick her boyfriend walking across stage too!
 Hats on Graduates! Congrats!!
 There's the pretty High School Graduate! Congrats sissy! You did it!
 Both Graduates. Aren't they so cute! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

House Searching Round 2 & 3....

The house search continues this week with round 2 then round 3....I posted last week about our search beginning and getting to go out in person for the time! We didn't have much luck that round out we said no to all 4 houses. We were ok with that because they weren't meant for us. :)
This week we headed out Tuesday evening to look at 4 more. That night all the houses were nice but we said no to all but 1 of them but of course they all had good reasons of to why we didn't want them.
The 1 that we both really really liked has been on our mind since we left it! So our realtor said that we needed to go out and look at a couple more to make sure we didn't miss anything. Last night we went and look at 2 more houses and said no to both of them. Tonight we are going back to our favorite house to have a 2nd look and we are taking Shane's dad with us to have another set of eyes! I'm really excited to see this house! Maybe this is the one!!! We will find out tonight. :) So stay toned on news to come....

Here are pictures of the house we have seen in the last few days

House #5
The reason we said no to this one was...The street that it set on was a through street and at the stop light was 2 schools then a softball complex, so we didn't want to have to deal with traffic all the time. Another reason was because the back yard and big slop to it and we didn't like that.
 Entry way when you walk in the front door.
 Living area was a nice size all our stuff would fit and have room left.
 Dining area was a little small if we wanted to have our family over.
 Kitchen was decent.
 Backyard was a big no for us!
 Basement area
 Another angel of the basement.
House #6
This house was very nice and the location was good. Neighbor was nice. The one big reason for saying No to this one was the backyard. Even though it seems silly it's not. We want to be able to hand out back when we have people over and let the dog out. This yard had a big slop in and that really turned us off.
 Living area was a great size for everything we had and would still have room.
Fireplace was really nice!
 Dining area not a bad size we could make it work to have our family over for dinner
 Kitchen was awesome! I really loved this kitchen! The walk-in pantry was amazing as well!
 Another view of the living area
 Entry way

THIS IS THE ONE WE LOVE!!! There are a few down falls to the house we don't care for but we can't get everything right. LOL. The driveway had a little hill to it but nothing to bad to scare us off. Shane said it isn't bad and we can maintain when it snows to be able to get in and out. The basement isn't finished but we are ok with that. It's something we can do down the road if we want too. We are going tonight for round 2 of looking so hopefully we still like it!
The outside of the house was just painted last week!
 Formal living area
 Kitchen was decent and had lots of corner space and plenty of cabinet space.
 Dining area was a good size. We would just need a table to put there. LOL
 Backyard was good. Love that it's fenced so the dog can run around and plenty of space for entertaining!
 2nd living are

House #8
We said no to this house as well for a couple different reasons. One the upstairs only had 1 bathroom that was shared by the master bedroom and guest when you had them over. The 2nd bath was located in the basement. We didn't like that. In the kitchen/dining room there was a little step up to go from the dining area to the kitchen that was weird. The flooring in the dining area was coming up as well so you had soft stops when you were walking around.

Last night we went and looked at 2 more house to make sure these weren't something we would like instead of house #7.
So this is House #9 that we looked at. It was a nice big house but as we got down to the basement there was a lot of cracking in the floor and we didn't like that at all. Not something I would want to deal with in our first home. No fun. LOL

House #10 was ranch style house. It was update very nice and we loved the hard woods in there. But the bedrooms were tiny and the kitchen didn't have a lot of counter or cabinet space. The deck and backyard was awesome! The deal breaker on this house was that it didn't have a basement.

That ends the house hunting round 2 & 3. Now tonight we will go back and look at house #7 and see what it holds for us....:)