Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mexico....Part I

We made it back from Mexico......such a sad day we had to leave and come back to real life. :(
We got in Friday evening the 23rd, our flight landed in KC at 8pm and we got home around 9:30ish.
This vacation was so much fun even though we have been to Mexico before it was still a lot of fun. We made this vacation more about getting to relax and not run around trying to fit everything into a schedule. We just played each day by ear and woke up and said what should we do today. We spent most of our time in the pool by the pool bar! Yes we had plenty of drinks and sun time on our vacation. It was amazing. We were very sad to see this vacation come to an end but we do plan on going back there in the near future. We just love it down there. It's nice just to get away and not have to worry about anything or get up and go to work. Ah the relief!
I took a lot of pictures down there so I won't be posting them all but I will share some good ones....

Arriving at the Airport

Our Resort....this was the front of the resort from our deck
This is the back looking at it from the beach

Our hot tub on our deck! It was very nice...we decided to go with the hot tub instead of an ocean view room...which we had last time in 2008.

Our spare room the didn't get used. Nuts...LOL
Last time we didn't make it to Cabo Wabo but this time we made sure to check it out. We didn't go late so it wasn't too crazy we just wanted to go for some drinks and check the place out. It seems at night it would be crazy there just from seeing the inside and the club area. 

Had to do a Cabo Wabo Tequila shot while we were there. Haha

We guys this is just a few of my pictures but I will be posting more so stayed tuned.....But for now I'm out and off to watch a show with the hubby! Night Night

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