Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sprained Ankle = NO FUN!

I have been MIA for awhile now with blog posting.  I can't say I didn't have time or anything to post about b/c that just isn't true. But what I can say is that I haven't done much of anything these past couple weeks due to spraining my ankle. So, I have been doing very little as possible as it was hard for me to get around.

Now for the story of my sprained ankle.....

Back on April 12th we had a kickball game. This was towards the end of the game that I hurt myself and couldn't play anymore. I was trying to make a play at 2nd when someone threw the ball and it was going over my head, I thought I could get it so I jumped and when I did I came down on the base and my ankle rolled off it and I hit the ground and was done for. My ankle hurt so bad and I couldn't walk so I had to be helped off the field. No fun at all. It has been prolly since High School when I sprained my ankle last and that wasn't even that bad. This time though was horrible and I'm still trying to recover from it. Friday night when I did it I went home and iced my foot and soaked in Epsom salt then just relaxed. The next day I started slowing walking on it to make sure I could, I could but it hurt really bad. As the weekend went on my foot just kept swelling and swelling it was bad. I was taking a nap one afternoon and I woke up b/c I could just feel my foot growing that's how bad it was. I stayed off it the rest of the weekend b/c I thought maybe I over did it by walking on it and stuff. So, when Monday came and I had to go to work I couldn't even put on a flip flop so I had to wear just a sock, lucky I was on crutches so I didn't have to put my foot on the ground.  Monday afternoon we decided I should go to the Dr just to make sure nothing was broken . I went to Urgent care and when the Dr seen my foot he said he would beat something is broken in there. They did the xrays and come to find out nothing broke I just had a really BAD sprain. For the next couple weeks I kinda just hobble around and was very slow walking places. This week I finally am able to walk almost normal and it not hurt that bad. This recovery has been rough and I wish it was over and my ankle was all better. My kickball season is over but I'm hoping by Fall I will be ready to kick some butt!

This was the night I did it. Doesn't look so bad now but just wait....
 These are my toes 4 days after the sprain. My poor toes were so swollen they looked like little sausages. LOL
 This is my foot/ankle 4 days after I sprain it. I think my foot here looks like a beached whale it's so big and gross looking.

My foot/ankle are still a little swollen as of today, but I'm def doing better at walking and being able to move it and get it worked out.

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