Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Long Time No Blogging.....

It has been MONTHS since I have posted anything, WOW! I can't say that I haven't had time to do so, but I can say I just got lazy and stopped blogging. I know it's sad. :(  After I sprained ankle, I didn't do much b/c I couldn't walk very well. Once I finally got to walking some it was just not fun to walk upstairs or really anthing it was a chore and I was miserable. LOL. So, I kinda just let myself be lazy and sit on the couch and get out whack with blogging, cooking, baking and everything else I loved to do. This summer we have been staying busy as well, so I have just let blogging get put to the back burner. I enjoyed blogging and sharing things I have done on here, so it's time to get back to it.

I'm going to go back through the past few months and see what I haven't shared on here that I wanted too. This will kinda be a catch up time for me, so you will see stuff that has happened after I stoppd blogging a few months ago. Once I'm caught up with that I can get back on track with daily stuff that's going on. :)

I'm hoping to get back on track with my blogging! No more excuses, lol.

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