Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pretty Little Liars #2 & #3: Flawless & Prefect

I will say I have been doing lots of reading while I haven't been blogging. The PPL series I have really been enjoying a lot! So I have been reading as much as I can at work, home, before bed....

I have finished book #2 and I'm currently almost done with #3.

This series is really keeping my attention and as I said before I just love books like that! It doesn't follow the show exactly but I have still enjoyed reading the series and see how it differs from the show. The TV show is one of my favorites so I'm glad I like the books maybe just as much. :)

This series has a lot of books so I should be busy reading these for awhile now....as long as I don't go crazy and just sit around and read all day. Haha!


Hopeful by this weekend or so I will be ready for Book #4!!

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