Monday, February 25, 2013

Who Called For Snow????

How did everyone like ALL that snow we got last week??!! I can't believe we really got 10 inches of snow, that's just crazy!! I really thought everyone was making a big deal over nothing and we would just get a little snow, but they showed me now. 
We did brave going to work Thurs and Fri. Thursday they decided to let us leave at 11:15 AM, but I had to wait till Shane got off before leaving since we ride together to work, but we still left at 1:00 PM so it was done snowing when we left. It still took us an hour to get home since the highways were a mess and pretty much closed. We did fine getting home until we turned on our street and we ended up getting stuck twice. Then we had to shovel our way up the driveway to park in the garage, now that was fun. NOT! I did help Shane out and it was a workout for me. Saturday afternoon I finished shoveling the other half of the driveway since we were having my family over Sunday they needed somewhere to park. :)

When we got home Thursday I opened the back door and this was the snow by it. 
 It's pretty out there but way too much, LOL
 This is how much snow was standing on our deck. It's just crazy. 
 View from the front door down our street. All you see is white!
 Poor Kira didn't know what to think she couldn't run in the back yard b/c she would get lost as she fell through the snow. :(
 I thought this was pretty cool how the snow piled up on our deck stairs. 

Now that we survived round 1 of the snow...Who's ready to begin round 2. I'm not sure I like all this snow. Maybe I would like it more if I didn't have to get our in it and shovel and drive in this mess. Haha! 
I hope everyone was safe during this snowstorm! 

Let's see what this second time around brings us.....

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