Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jordann!

I'm a little late on this post...OOPS! Back on the 7th we celebrated Jordann's 25th birthday! Her birthday was February 6th. We always get together for dinner and dessert for birthdays.

This birthday Jordann wanted Taco Salad. Her mom used to make taco salad she loved and she has tried but couldn't figure out how she made it so good. When she said she wanted it I stepped up and decided I would give it a go and see what I could make. I was super nervous to make this because trying to make something as good as her mom, well that's hard for anyone if you ask me.

I'm pleased to say my taco salad turned out great and it is something everyone enjoyed and would love to have again. I was so happy to hear this and I do look forward to making it again for them soon!

The taco salad I made. I will post the recipe soon.

Stefanie made her a Snickers Cheesecake.
Happy Birthday pretty lady!!

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