Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jeff & Becky's Wedding

This post is LONG overdue! On December 28th I was happy to shoot a wedding for a friend at work her sister was getting married. This wasn't the traditional type wedding at all but it was small and very cute and personal. It was very nice and I was happy to be part of it.

The wedding was at The Elm's, but they booked a suite for Friday and Saturday and had the ceremony in the suite. There was just a hand full of people there so it was a nice stop to have it.

I have never been to the Elm's before and my friend told me I could go with her Friday night and stay till Sunday in her room. It turned out to be a nice weekend away and capturing a wonderful memory at the same time! The Elm's was nice but I think a little expensive for my taste. Haha!

Here are some pictures from the shoot.

Outside the front entrance to The Elm's
The living room in the suite where the ceremony was held.

The Wedding Party
The Groom's Mom & Day
The Happy Couple

To see more from this shoot, visit my Facebook Page.

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