Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Busy Month Coming Up....

I can't believe that it's almost April!!! Where is this year going....
April is going to be such a bust month for me, but I'm looking forward to everything that will be going on. 

Since we are trying to buy a house this year we decided to skip a "Big" vacation and do a couple smaller ones this year. I will miss our big vaca but the small ones we have planned will be fun. I'm looking forward to them. 
The 2nd weekend in April we are heading down to Sam's Thorne Arkansas with a couple of friends for a rock climbing trip. Shane and his buddy went down last year and they had a great time so this year the wives are tagging along. I'm looking forward to all the pictures I will be able to take of them climbing and also the secrecy there. They said it's so pretty and I will be so amazed at it! I can't wait! 

I also have 3 photo shoots in April that I will be doing. One of them will be my sisters senior prom! I still can't believe she will be graduating in just a few months. Crazy! :) But I'm so proud of her and can't wait to see her walk across that stage! 

Also in April I will be making her Graduation Announcements and Graduation party invitations. 
Shane's sister will being graduating college May 5th, and she has asked me to make her Graduation party invitations for 60 people. Of course I'm looking forward to all the crafty stuff I will be able to make in the upcoming month, but I'm going to be one busy girl! So if I go MIA for awhile you will know where to find me. At home at the table making tons of graduation stuff. LOL. 

So far that's all that April brings, but it's still early so more stuff could be planned! 

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