Friday, March 2, 2012

Getting The Process Started....

This is the year Shane and I want to buy our very first house! We are both very excited about this and have been looking forward to buying our first home together. He went out during the week and bought the book Home Buying for Dummies. He wanted to read more up on the process and understand stuff before we meet with the realtor. So he is currently in the process of reading and he is learning stuff (so that's a good sign) LOL. I believe our plan is to schedule a meeting with the realtor in the next week or so. We want to have him help with suggestion a good mortgage lender to use and start the pre-approval process. I'm very excited and very nervous at the same time. I know everything will work out but it's a big step so it's makes me nervous. :) I can't wait to actually start looking at homes. This will be so fun!

I will continue to update on our process as we go. Wish us luck and stay tuned for more to come. :)

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