Saturday, March 24, 2012

St. Patty's Day

Last Saturday was St. Patrick's Day. I hope everyone had a good day and a safe one! Shane and I headed to Lawrence around noon to hang out a friends house and watch the Lawrence parade. I have never seen the Lawrence parade so I was excited to go. We had a pretty good day. It was such a nice day out it was too cold or too hot, it was nice being outside all day. :) 
The parade was pretty good. Since we were at the end people were pretty tired by the time they got to us so there were big gaps and some of the parade went the opposite way of us so we didn't get to see. But that's oayk we still got to see a big chuck of it, so it turned out good. 

After we left the parade we headed home and had a couple friends over. We just hung out the rest of night. It was good St. Patty's Day this year. :)

Here are some pictures from the parade.

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