Monday, July 9, 2012

Count Down to Closing Day....

Can you believe it's already July!!! I couldn't have wished this month any faster...why you ask....This month we will be closing on our house!! We both are very excited and can't wait to move it and make it our place together. We will be closing July 31st and that day can't get here fast enough. 
Friday evening we drove by our house and it finally had the SOLD sign on it. We were so happy to see that. Of course I was so exciting and giddy that I forgot to take a picture of it. But don't worry I'm sure we will be buy again and I will take one. 

Shane and I have been so excited that we found our house! We can't wait to move in and get settled. I'm anxious to see how the dog acts in the backyard since she will be able to go out without a leash. Hopefully she will be excited and run out here energy. LOL 

We have been doing some shopping for the house. We both have gotten the shopping bug and have been shopping like every weekend. Weather we buy something or not we still like to go out and see what we want. I have many wish list going of stuff we want for the house. :) We did buy a couple big items that he will need, well I guess 1 was given to us by my grandpa and that was a lawn mower, the other thing he got was a weed eater.  Now he is set and ready to start taking care of our lawn (well of course when it decides to grow again and not be dead) Haha. We also got some other things for the house. I'm going to try and see if I can post everything we got for decorating that house later. I just love all the new stuff we got and can't wait to have it all put up in the house! 

We have been counting down the days on our phone!! Since this day is almost over I'm going to go ahead and put up the days left as of tomorrow!!

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