Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Future Toy....I hope...

I have thought about buying a new camera, an upgraded version of what I have. After the wedding shoot I did on Saturday, I think this new camera would be wonderful. Don't get me wrong my camera did great, but I think it's time for an upgrade of a faster camera. I love my camera so I think I will stick with the same brand as I have now. 

I started looking around today and I think I found the one I want! 

So, after thinking about it I have decided that once we get settled in the new house, I will start saving for the new camera! :) So hopefully by next year I will have a new toy to be playing with. 

The nice thing about getting the same brand that I have, is all my accessories should fit this camera. So I won't have to buy new lens just because I upgraded!  

I hope that I can save for this quickly because I'm excited for a new camera and to see what fun and wonderful thing this new version holds! 

I think I'm going to keep the one I have now as well for now, so then I will have 2.  So, wish me luck on my saving journey for my new toy! :)

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