Monday, July 11, 2011

Livestong Sporting Park

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I wish my weekend was longer. I was not ready to be back to work on this Monday. We had a pretty good weekend though.
Friday night we spent the evening at Shane's dads house and play baggo's (bean bag toss game).
Saturday I got up and clean the house (sounds like fun huh?) not really. That evening we went to the new Livestong Sporting Park. Shane's brother gave us 4 free tickets so we went and took 2 other friends with us. It was a pretty nice soccer complex. We had a good time. It was super hot but we lived and still had a great time. :) The game was pretty good. We didn't score till the very end and there was just a few minutes left so that left the score 1-1. We do plan on going back but maybe in the fall when this heat isn't so bad.
Sunday I went out to lunch with sister. It's been awhile since her and I got to just have some siste-time together. It was a nice lunch. Then I went back and took my brother driving. He didn't do too bad but he does need more practice.

 Hope everyone has a good work week!

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