Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Overview....

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and a good 4th of July! We had a great weekend and I really wish our weekend could have been longer than 3 days but oh well back to work I came today. :)

We had a busy fun filled weekend. It was an awesome weekend we got to share with good friends and some family time. I look forward to more weekends like this.

Let's see where do I begin with our busy weekend.....
Friday we had to go pick up Shane's smoker so we had a few drinks with a friends dad while over there, then we went and visited with his dad. He's doing really good for having heart surgery just 2 wks ago. I'm so happy that's he's doing awesome! It was to late to cook dinner so we grab a pizza on the way home that night.
Saturday Shane had to work from 9-3pm. I ran a few errands that morning. Then I headed off to the pool with some friends. This was the first time for me going to the pool this summer. Let me tell you it was awesome and I will be looking forward to more pool time this summer. It felt great with it being so hot outside and having some drinks while cooling off what more could you ask for on a hot day. :)
Sunday we had a BBQ at our place. Shane smoked some ribs and a pork butt. We had a few friends over and hung out all day. We played some baggo's, had some adult drinks and some delicious food! The rain was kind of a hit and miss throughout the afternoon. We were playing the inside outside game. We would go out and it would start pouring so we would have to go back in. We did this about 3 different times and FINALLY the 3rd time it just stopped raining so we got to enjoy being outside. It was a prefect day for a BBQ the weather wasn't too hot or cold. It was wonderful.
Monday 4th of July I hope everyone had a great 4th! We actually didn't plan on doing anything this day but a friend asked us to join her at her sister's in laws house for a party. So we headed over there around 3pm. We had some yummy food, enjoyed sometime in the pool (it sure was hot outside the pool was wonderful), they had volleyball games going on as well. So we hung out there pretty much all afternoon. It was a great time and I'm really glad we got invited to go. Fun times all weekend!!
We got home that night and of course people were doing fireworks. My poor dog was barking at everyone that went off she didn't know what was going on. Poor girl. Ha Ha

Again HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to everyone and hope you all were safe and had a wonderful time!

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