Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photography Challenge: Nature

I'm still working on my assignments and challenges from my online photography school. I have been so busy with other photo shoots I haven't had a lot of time to put towards getting them done.

This challenge was from last weekend and it was on "Nature". I was out Saturday doing more Senior pictures for my sister and some pictures of her and her boyfriend. We went to a park over by my house to do some pictures and I almost stepped on this little guy (well I guess not so little he was big frog!). It scared the life out of me when I looked down and seen my foot inches away from stepping on him. I jumped and ran over by Kasey and my heart was just going crazy. LOL. I'm not sure why a frog scared me so bad but it did, prolly b/c I'm not used to just seeing frogs around. Haha!

I thought this frog would be a great one to post for this weeks Nature Challenge.

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