Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mexico....Part II

I told you part II of our Mexico trip was coming..... Sorry I have been lazing lately about blogging. I got out of my routine when we left for vacation and it's taking some time to get back into it. But I'm getting there slowing but it's coming. Haha :)

Here are some more pictures of our wonderful vacation in Mexico.

These are outside our resort in the mini golf area.
Getting ready to head out and walk the beach
Shane is ready to do some climbing...See his rocks shoes in the backpack? :)
Ah the ocean....Love it

He found something small he could climb. My little rock climber. 

Our last night they had fireworks. We watched them off our deck in the hot tub. 

Shane went fishing one day down there with 2 others guys and this is what they caught. It was some yummy fish!

I have tons more pictures but I'm not posting all on here that would be way too many. Hope you enjoy the ones that I shared. I look back at these and wish we were still there. :(

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