Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inspection Time...

The next step in our house buying process is getting the inspections done. There are 3 inspections we needed to have done The whole house, chimney and termites.

Monday morning at 9am we had our whole house inspection. I was very nervous about this inspection. Our inspection guy was really nice and deatiled about evertying. The inspection went pretty well. Nothing major is wrong with the house just some little repairs and safety items that need to be done. Nothing that is going to scare us away. LOL. I mean every house is going to have stuff wrong with it weather it be big items or just some little stuff that doesn't take much to fix. There was one major concern during the inspection, which was the AC unit. It wasn't working correctly the air coming out wasn't as cool as it should be. We learned yesterday that AC unit has been repaired and is working now. So that was a plus and one thing off the list we need to ask for. We won't be worry about this for now. We got lucky with only finding little items that needed to be take care of. I felt so much better after this inspection.

We had our last 2 inspections yesterday at 3:00pm. The termite guy was finished by the time we got to the house. He did find termites outside under the chimney area but that's the only place. So we are definitely going to be asking for the seller to treat them.
We also had the chimney done too and there's nothing wrong it. So that is a good thing!

We are meeting with the realtor tonight to go over everything and write up the stuff we want done before mvoing in. So we will see what the seller comes back with.

Wish us luck now more waiting, Fun fun! LOL

I still feel pretty good about our house and buying it! I can't wait to get this last part of waiting from the seller done then we will just be waiting to move in! We are so ready to be in our house. :)

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