Friday, June 1, 2012

Our first Dining Room Table!

As many of you know when buying a house comes all the fun items you have to buy to go in it. So last night I wanted to go shopping to get an idea of what style and price on dining room tables. We headed out after Shane got home from work to Furniture Deals. We got our living room set that and we loved it and got it for a good price so we went back for the table.
The idea of tonight was NOT to buy anything but to look around and get ideas for when we were ready to purchase. But that's not exactly how our night played out....We got there and started looking around and we found one that we both liked. We started looking at the price so we had an idea of what we were going to pay and noticed the table was pretty half price and the sale ended Monday plus an extra 10% off the sale price. So it was an awesome deal! Shane and I walked around a little more and talked about what we should do and we both decided that we should buy it now! Only because in the long run we would be saving ourselves about $800 with buying it now rather then waiting and it not be on sale.
We are both very happy about our table and can't wait to use. I think we made the right decision on buying now! So we now officially have our very first dining room table!! I'm so exciting to eat on it. hehe

This is the picture off the website. This table is an extension table so it sets 8 people. We got the everything table, extension and 8 chairs.

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