Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's time for another weekend recap....I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the nice weather outside. The weekends just seem to go by so fast for me. I always want an extra day. LOL

Friday: After work we meet up with some friends to go have dinner and drinks at Frontera's. It's a very good Mexican restaurant that we tried a few weeks ago and liked. So we wanted to go back and have more! After dinner we all headed back to our place to hang out. We ended up playing Rock Band for hours into the nigth and it was pretty fun. It was the first time we had all 4 of us playing at the same time. We had the drums, bass, guitar and singer. It was a great time I looked forwarded to doing it again.

Saturday: This was Shane's Saturday to work from 9-3pm. So I decided to go to the pool with a friend while he was working. It was a great afternoon at the pool the water was cold but we braved it and got all the way in! LOL. I just love hanging out at the pool and doing nothing. :) I look forward to more days like that this summer. When I got home from swimming Shane was all ready to go out and do some shopping for the new house. So I hurried and got changed and we headed out to Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond. We got lots of goodies for the house. He got tools and I got decorated stuff for the Master Bath, 2nd Bath and a new rug for the family room. It was a good day of shopping and I'm looking forward to more! After shopping it was too late to cook out like I had planned so we just stopped at Five Guys and grab some dinner.

Sunday: I hope all the dad's out there had a wonderful day. Shane and I had a couple of errands to run in the morning after that we just hung out at home till it was time to head to his dad's house. That evening we headed over to his dad's house to cook him dinner and hang out. We had Fish, Red Potatoes, Corn and Bread. It was a wondeful dinner!

I hope everyone has a good work week ahead!

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