Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New addition to our home....

After my Grandpa passed, we had to clean out his house of everything he owned. Well in that process we acquired some things and one of those happened to be a riding lawn mower. Yes we do have a 2 car garage but with both our cars in there and everything lawn and tool wise there just wasn't room for it. So, we decided instead of just leaving it out back covered we better get a shed to store it in. We also gained a lot of other things that need to be stored in the garage. Shane started his search for the shed he wanted, we thought we found one but after talking to a lady at Home Depot we decided that shed wasn't the best for us, so she recommended a better one. We started looked at Tuff sheds, yes there were a little more expensive but we talked it over and decided in the long haul this is going to be best for us. We got it ordered and a date set up for them to come install it for us. They came out on November 7th and got it all built and ready for us. We came home that night after work and got the riding mower inside it's new home. Over the weekend we got everything else out of the garage and in the shed that we wanted. We also went and got some hooks so we can hang stuff on the walls instead of having everything on the floor.  We both are happy with the shed and it looks good in our backyard. :)

These pictures were also taken with my new camera!

My dog had to check it all out. She thinks it's her new home. Haha!

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