Wednesday, May 25, 2011


For our honeymoon we decided to take a Cruise. This was our first cruise and we loved it. We left the weekend after Thanksgiving and was gone for a week. We left from Miami, Fl and went to Key West, FL and Cozumel, MX. We did invite another couple to join us on the cruise b/c we thought it would be more fun to have people we know with us. And it was a blast!!

Shane and I left and went down to Miami the day before our cruise left. So we got to spend the night hanging out in Miami. We walked around and checked out the Bayside with all the shops, restaurants and bars Bayside. We had a great time down there. We woke up the day our cruise left and headed down to the pier where our ship was docked.

We got all checked in and boarded the ship and waited for our friends to join us on there. I was so surprised at how big the ship was! It was huge!! We did see ships that were bigger then ours and I just couldn't believe how big there were. Amazing! I was so filled with excitement boarding the ship since it was our first cruise I was couldn't wait to see how it went. We decided to go with Carnival Cruise Line. It was a great experience and we plan on doing again.

The name our ship was Carnival Imagination
 Our first stop on the cruise was Key West, Florida. None of us had been there before so we were super excited to check it out. We have some friends that vacation there a lot so they gave us some good tips on where to go. We got there early in the morning so not a lot of places were opened yet. So we walked around and checked out stuff and went the the Southern Most Point. We did do a lot of drinking in Key West once the bars opened up. We tried to hit every bar we could that was opened. We did hit a lot of them so it was nice seeing all the different one there. I would love to go back visit again but be able to spend more time there and see everything we didn't get too.
The second stop on our cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. When we arrived there it was raining so that was a bummer but we didn't let that get us down. We did have a excurison planned for here but it ended up getting cancelled because of the rain. We are going to Zip Line and Snorkel. So since this got cancelled we decided it was time for more drinking. LOL Our first stop was Senor Frogs. This bar was a ton of fun! We didn't get to go to the beach there due to the rain so that was a bummer too. I could have used a tan before coming home. :) But we enjoyed ourselves anyways the rain didn't stop out fun! We did some bar hopping here as well and drank most of the day till it was time to head back to ship. We got to spend all day in Cozumel. It did stop raining so that was nice we didn't have to walk around and get wet. We got to enjoy some good Mexican food as well. Mexican is my favorite food so I loved it!!
Our last day on the cruise we were at sea all day heading back to Miami. When we left Cozumel the storm that was there it followed us all through the night. Our ship was rocking back and fourth like crazy. Shane and I both woke up that Thursday on the ship and were sea sick. That was horrible being sick and not being able to be in your own home was no fun at all! He got over his sickness early afternoon but I was sick ALL day long. I was so miserable that day. But this didn't stop us for saying we will for sure be taking another cruise. We believe the only reason for the seasick is the storm we got stuck in.

We had a great honeymoon it was a blast and having friends with us made it great!!

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