Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday

My birthday was May 31st and my father in laws was June 3rd. So we had a birthday celebration together back on June 5th. We had a yummy dinner of chicken kabobs and some sides. And of course cake for our dessert. Everything was very good! I did have a good birthday this year I have fun filled Stay-cation and some time with family celebrating. I got lots of fun goodies as well.

The 92 is for how old Wayne & I together, but they actually miscounted it should be 93, but that's ok I will take a year off. hahaha :)
This year I got some money so I decided to get me a new strap for my camera from Jodie's Camera Straps and a book called The Photographers Eye. I also got a new flash for my camera from my hubby, a book called the The Photographers Mind from Jordann & Wayne, and some lotions, body wash and a candle that smell so awesome from Shannon, Stef, Paige and Sydney. They smell like Lemon Vanilla from Bath & Body Works. I'm very excited about all my new stuff. My new photography books I'm super excited to read and learn new things!

I'm really excited for my strap. It's kind of personalized to me now. :) The one that came with my camera was getting boring to me so it was time to spice it up. LOL

I still have some birthday money left so I'm still trying to figure out what else I want to get. Either more photography stuff or use the rest to get my hair colored and cut. We shall see. :)

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