Thursday, June 2, 2011


I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. I know I enjoyed having 4 days off! We had a fun-filled weekend at that. We wanted to do a small weekend vacation someone but decided it might be cheaper to stay home and do stuff around here we normally don't get to but want to. So we had a Stay-cation. It was a lot of fun!
We started off Friday evening with going to see The Hangover 2. We went to the AMC Main Street downtown. We had some drinks before heading into the movie. We could do this because we bought tickets and reserved out seats so we had no worries on where we would sit. This is a great idea! No front row at a new release. LOL
This movie was funny. Not better than the first one but it was good and well worth going to see. I'm looking forward to seeing it again b/c I know I missed some funny parts with everyone laughing. So once it comes out I will have to see it again at home. I had to do this with the first one there was so much laughing I missed some parts. This was a good start to our Stay-Cation a good movie and some drinks to go along with it.

 Drinks with some friends before the movie!

On Saturday day 2 of stay-cation....We decided to go to the T-Bones games. It was raining and a little chilly that day but that didn't stop us for going to the game. We headed up early before the game and did some tailgating. Our seats were really good as well. I have never been that close at a baseball game so I was excited! I was very sad that when the girls came out to throw shirts they didn't even bother to throw them to the people sitting close so I didn't get one but I tried very hard by yelling and jumping but no such luck. :(
We did lose that night but it was still a fun night with some friends.

Day 3 we decided to do Worlds of Fun! I haven't been in years so it was time to go. :) We went after 4pm so it would be cheaper for us. It was a little crowed so we had to wait in line for everything. Boo I don't like waiting. haha. It was a little hot too but we did get a water ride in to cool off a little. We didn't get to ride a whole a lot due to all the waiting in line so we will have to go back one day it isn't super busy so we can ride more. I did get my funnel cake I was so excited for! It was super yummy! I love those things.

Day 4 Memorial Day we had an all day BBQ. Shane smoked some yummy meats Ribs and Brisket! Yum! That morning I cooked Biscuits and Gravy to have a good breakfast to start off our day. We had a few friends over to hang out all day and have some drinks then enjoy some yummy food for dinner. It was the prefect day to be outside just hanging out. The wind was nice and it wasn't super hot out. Loved it! It's always a good time hanging out all day with friends and just relaxing out doors. The food was delicious that Shane made. We still have leftovers and have been enjoying them everyday!

We also took off Tuesday May 31st. This was my birthday!! I turned 27. We went out to breakfast that morning but after that we relaxed all day after our busy fun weekend. I sat outside for a little while and read my new book, then I watched some of my recorded shows I was behind on. It was a good day just hanging out with my hubby on my birthday. Last night we went to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner. This is my favorite steak place and it was soooo good last night. Yummy!

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