Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Float Trip 2011

A few weeks ago I mentioned we were going on a Float Trip. This was my 2nd float trip with the group we went with and it was a ton of fun! This group this year was missing a few people due to 2 of them just having babies! But next year they will be returning.
We headed out Friday morning around 9am to The Elk River in Noel, Mo. It's a little over a 3 hour drive. We got down there set up camp and hung out in the River most of the day. It was just 4 of us till later in the afternoon when the other people showed up. It was really nice and relaxing. Saturday we got up had breakfast and got everything we needed ready for the float. We started our float about 10am and got done about 4:30pm. It was a good day. We had 9 of us floating so we had 2 rafts and tied them together. Sunday we did wake to it raining. We just stayed in our tents and slept till it stopped and we could pack up. At least it didn't rain on us during the float. We had great weather all weekend. It wasn't super hot so that was nice. It was comfortable being outside and the water was cold but you got used to it. On the way home we stopped at Shoney's. We don't have one here in Kansas City anymore. I used to love going to this place for the breakfast buffet. It's still yummy and is great after a full weekend of none stop drinking. Just want the body needs to recover for the ride home. LOL.

The name of the Float Gang (Red Neck Yacdt Club)
Do you see the turtle? We seen many of these while floating down the river
The Girls!
The Boys (They were being silly in this pic)

I'm very much looking forward to next year when we go again. :)

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