Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting back to real life.....

Vacation is over and we are trying to get back to normal from having a week of fun. Back to work, back to house work and back to everyday stuff life brings us. It's hard to get back to everyday life after having such a wonderful vacation....but it has to be done I guess ;).
I finally got caught up at work today to where I'm not going going all day long. That has wore me out this week. So hopefully now I can slow down and just get through Friday like a breeze and not be exhausted for the weekend.
I have a lot catching up to do from my photography school stuff, so I will be busy trying to do all the assignments I missed. Be sure to watch for all the fun stuff I do. I will be a busy girl trying to get everything done, but it will be fun doing all the different photography stuff. :) I hope to get back to trying to post daily by next week, but we will see if things slow down enough to let that happen.

Be watching for Mexico Part II for more pictures from our fabulous vacation!!!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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