Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Goals

I finally have my list of goals made for 2012. I'm excited for my goals I have set this year and I look forward to meeting everyone of them! :) Normally I don't set goals or any resolutions for myself. Last year was the first time I actually set goals for myself and I stuck to them. So, I decided to set more goals this year and see what the year brings. Some goals are overlapped from last year.

  • Organize the House
We keep our house pretty clean but it could use some more work. I always feel like there is so much clutter in our house and it drives me crazy! So, I thought it's time to start cleaning rooms and organizing stuff.
I started on the Kitchen already and I just have 2 things left I want to do in there and I can move onto the next room. Shane and I also went through our clothes and we have a big pile to give away.
I need to get a list together of everything I want to do so I can mark it off and see the progress I'm making.

  • Eat Better & Work-out
I set this goal for myself last year and I did so good at it. I was proud I stuck to this and I lost 10Ibs! This kinda got lost towards the end of the year when we went on vacation. I want to get back on track now. When we made the grocery list for Sunday we made sure to get some healtier foods for dinner. I know we can do this as we did it for a long time last year. I also want to start my work out video again and get back into shape.
  • Organize all photos into Photo Books
I have fallen in love with photo books from Shutterfly. They are easy to make and very nice. I have started making all our vacations through Shutterfly and they have turned out wonderful. I have 1 vacation left to make a photo book for and then I can forcus on my other millions of pictures I have. LOL. I would like to keep my photos organized and I thought these books would be the prefect way to do so. Then I won't have just a bunch of 4x6 pictures loose and I don't know what to do with. I would like to make a photo book for each year of my pictures I have (ex. 2010, 2011). All my photos are uploaded to shutterfly and I just need to start working on our books. I'm can't wait to do this and get them all ordered! They are so fun to make and look at. If I catch them on sale they are really cheap to make and order. I'll post the books I have already made so everyone can see the fun of these!
  • Build up our savings account
This goal is something I have already been doing every paycheck. I hate not having money aside for the just in case things or the emerency stuff. I don't like using credit cards but if we have to for an emerency then we do. My goal for us this year is to have our savings account up to at least $5,000. This will make more sense on why it's so high with my next goal for this year. It seems high but I know we can do it! We have before and we will again.
  • Buy a House!!!!
This was something we wanted to do last year but it didn't work out like we planned and we are ok with that. This year we definitly want to be in a house. Our lease is up at the end of August so we plan to buy close to when that is up. We are both very excited about this. So, now you might understand why I want our savings account to be at least $5,000 if not more. I will continue to update on this of course as we move towards filling this goal. I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE OUR OWN HOUSE!!!!
  • Continue pursuing Photography
As most of you can see I LOVE Photography. I love pictures, I love taking pictures...I just love pictures. Last October I decided to start offering service in Photography doing photo shoots. Let me tell you this was a big hit and I have been busy shooting pictures and editing pictures. I have so much fun doing this. This year I want to continue pursuing more business in photography. Of course I will post all my exciting shoots on here for you to follow. :) Lets see what 2012 holds for my passion!!
  • Reading
In 2011 I did a pretty good deal of reading books. I'm almost done with the House of Night Series that I started and I just love it. I will be sad when it's done but that just means onto another series I can enjoy. There are lots of books I want to read so I plan on doing a ton more reading this year! I want to start trying to read every night before bed at least reading 1 chapter. Stay tuned for all the upcoming books I plan on reading this year....

It seems I have a long list of goals for this year but they all seem pretty reasonable and very easy to keep on track to accomplish. I'm very excited about my goals for this upcoming year and looking forward to updating as I complete them!

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