Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Putting up the Tree...

I was so excited to put up a tree this year b/c we got a new big one. When we were in the townhouse we had a big tree when we first moved in but then we had to retire it, it was old. LOL. So we decided just to get a little one since we didn't really have a ton of room for a big tree. So now that we are in our house we were able to go out and buy a new big tree! I was super excited and couldn't wait to set it up. The day after Thanksgiving I pulled it out and we got it up and looking pretty!

It's ready to be put up!
I let Shane handle putting it together. :)
 This is what Kira did while we put up the tree. No help at all. LOL
 Up and ready for decorations.
 All lite up and so pretty!
 It look us a few weeks to finally find a tree topper , but we found one! Isn't it super cute. I love all snowman stuff so this was prefect for our tree.

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