Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lexan's 5th B-Day Party

My nephew Lexan turned 5 on August 23rd. It's crazy to thing he is already 5, wasn't he just born yesterday! LOL. Last weekend was his birthday party at Chuck-e-cheese. He had a lot of fun there! My sister asked if I would take pictures at his party, well of course I will! I had fun getting pictures of his birthday. It was super hot in there with me running around and just a lot of people, my face was so red and I was sweating (it was gross!). But I survived and had a great time and got some good pictures of his party. I took over 100 pictures but I wanted to post just a few on here to share.

This weekend I'm going to take Lexan out and do a photo shoot for his 5ht birthday! I'm very excited to do this he should be such a ham and have fun too. After the photo shoot Shane and I are taking him to the
T-Rex Cafe to celebrate his birthday. This is our gift to him. I wanted to do something different for him rather then buying toys or clothes. This cafe looks like fun and he loves dinosaurs so he should have fun!

This was his balloon for his b-day table.
Lexan & Taylor just came down the slide together.
                                     He was having a blast on this! I love his face in this picture.
                                    Yes he did this face just for the camera. He's such a little ham!
Make a wish birthday boy!
Birthday Boy!

                      He wasn't too sure about Chuckie. But he did good and got a few pictures with him.
What is a party without cake on my nose....LOL  
       Lexan & Mommy in the ticket machine getting lots of tickets. I believe they got over 1,000 just in there.
Playing games
                                  Present time! Look at his face! He was so excited for that game.

Lexan had a great birthday and got lots of goodies. It was a fun day for him.


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