Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have mentioned before that my goal this year it to get more practice with Photography. This has become a huge passion of mine and I really would like to pursue this farther as a career. Right now I'm not able to afford classes so I'm going to do my best learning things on my own, reading books, getting tips from people....anything that can help me!
A while back I signed up for a free online Digital Photography School. I haven't really done much on this site expect look around. They send me weekly stuff with new tricks & tips and lots of other things. One thing they do send me are assignments and challenges for the week/weekend. I have decided I want to start doing these so I can learn different things. As I do these assignments and challenges I will be posting on my blog for everyone to see and yes I would love feed back on them. The first assignment I'm going to try is called Silhouette, which is is, a darkened featureless person or object in a picture. With the proper use of light, they can make striking images. Remember, this is silhouettes, not shadows....and the first challenge I'm going to try is shooting "Toys"....yes toys like in little kids toys. I don't have any toys at home but I'm sure I can come up with something for this. They also said you could use your Hobby or Sports. I'm sure something around our house will do..I'm sure Shane has some Star Wars guys around I can take shots of.
This should be fun and interesting to see what new things I can do and experiment with. I'm really looking forward to doing more with Photography. I love pictures and everyone has to have pictures they are the best memories!
For more practice I have friends with kids that I can take out and do shoots with. Little kids can be so much fun to shoot. I do have a few shoots this month I'm going to do. It will give me some practice and I will love doing it! One shoot is I'm going to take my nephew out and do his pictures for this 5th birthday! Little man is growing so fast. Another shoot is a friend of mine I'm going to take her daughter out, she is 8 and she will be a lot of fun to take pictures of. Please watch for these pictures to be posted as I take them.
I also thought I trying to find some blogs that do photography stuff weekly like photo challenges or anything other stuff and getting in on those. If anyone knows of any please let me know. Any and all practice would be great for me!

Please be looking for new pictures post as I play around trying new things!

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