Tuesday, April 3, 2012

House Stuff...

Can you believe that it's already April!! This year just seems to be flying by.
I just wanted to post an update on how our house buying is going.

Shane and I sit down and talked about our budget and came up with the amount we both feel comfortable spending each month on a mortgage payment. We didn't want to spend ALL our extra money on a mortgage because we still want to be able to vacation every year and put money in our savings. So the number we came up with I think will be good and we will have a nice house.

Last week we did the application for our pre-approval. We both were very nervous about this. It's such a big amount of money to have. LOL. We got the pre-approval letter and we are good to go. Shane also got approved for a VA loan so that will help out as well. :)

We have been looking a lot online to get an idea of what we like and what we can get in our price range. We both are so excited to get into a house and we can't wait to start looking in person. We have found a lot we like online but of course pictures never show the best of the house so we are looking forward to going in person. We are getting very excited to start the looking process. Our lease isn't up till August so we won't start looking for our house till prolly June.

A couple weeks ago when we were grocery shopping we decided to stop off in the paint area and look at the different colors. We actually got a few samples we both liked and brought home to see what we liked best with our furniture. So we kinda have some paint colors picked out for just the living room, dining area and master bedroom we would like. I'm actually really excited to paint so our house it will be what we love and not just plain white. :)

This is where we stand as of right now with the house hunting. I will keep you updated through the process. :)

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