Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Tree Hill....

So my favorite show EVER is One Tree Hill. I have watched this show since it started back in 2003 and last night was the final episode ever. I know it's just a show but I'm very upset and sad about this. I love this show so much and to see it go makes me sad. I will miss watching this show every week and waiting for the next one in suspense. LOL 

As I was watching the last show I just couldn't believe it's was finally coming to an end after 9 years of being on the air. This show has come so far in the 9 yrs and I'm going to miss it.

I just wanted to vent a little about how upsetting this is to me that my favorite show ever is actually ending. Yes Yes again I know it's a show but it's been a part of me for 9yrs and I can't believe I it won't be on anymore. I think I might start watching it from season 1 again just to look back and see them again. I have season 1-5 at home so I need work on buying the last 4 seasons.

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