Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a good Easter Sunday!
It was such a nice weekend to enjoy being outside and great weather for the Easter bunny to leave it's eggs outside for the kidos to go find!

The weekends seem to always just fly on by and then it's back to work. I love my weekends and wish they would last longer. :)

Here's a recap of our weekend....

Friday night we has some friends over. We went out to dinner at Pepperjax Grill, I love this place they have the best philly's! Then we headed back to our place, hung out and played some cards Phase 10. It was good evening. I enjoy hanging out with our friends. :)

Saturday we tackled organizing stuff in the basement. It took a fews hours but we got rid of 3 boxes of stuff, 2 were just trash and 1 we will take to goodwill. We had to run to the store after that and get stuff for dinner that evening. When we got home I worked on some graduation stuff then got ready and our friends came over. We grilled out steaks and they were so yummy then we hung out and we played Phase 10 with them as well. That game is fun! It's long but it's fun.

Sunday we got up and went grocery shopping. This is our Sunday routine all the time. We like to get right up and get to the store so it isn't so busy and it's done and we have the rest of our day. After the store I went up North to take my brother driving. When I got home Shane headed out to go climbing at Swope with his buddy. They are getting ready for the climbing trip this week! I worked on graduation stuff while he was gone and did laundry. When he got back I ran to the laundry mat to dry our clothes. Our dryer broke on us a few months ago. We decided not to buy new ones till we got into a house. I want really brand new nice ones, I really want to the front loading one! We grilled out steak again for dinner, it was so yummy. Then the rest of the evening we watched our recorded shows to try and get caught up on some.

It was a pretty good weekend for us. Now back to work for 3 days this week then we are heading out Thursday morning to Arkansas.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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