Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a good weekend. My weekend was good but when my alarm went off today I was thinking can't today be Sunday again so I can sleep. No such luck on that. Boo!

Here's a little recap of the weekend:

Friday: After work we ran to the mall so I could pick up a new book to start. Then I needed to get my ring cleaned and my bracelet cleaned and inspected it was WAY over due for the inspection. But I wasn't worried because it was in good shape and nothing wrong. After the mall we headed home to spend the evening there. I had some picture editing to do so I worked on those for a little while then we watched some TV shows.

Saturday: Shane woke up and headed out to do some rock climbing and disc golf with a buddy. I slept in a little then got up and started some laundry, watched a show then finished editing a shoot so I could mail it out today. My little sister's prom was Saturday. I meet her at her house about 2pm so we could meet everyone and go take pictures before they headed out for dinner. She looked so pretty for Prom and we took lots of pictures. Stayed turned they will be shared soon! After she left for prom I headed to a friends house to have some girl time. We went to dinner at 54th Street and then just hung out at her house. It was a nice evening hanging with a friend. I enjoy those times. :)

Sunday: Sunday is our grocery shopping day, we like to wake up and head out to get it done. After we got that done we just came home and was lazy around the house all day long. It was raining and gloomy out so it was a great day for being lazy. I did finish up our laundry but other then that nothing was done. :)

So this weekend I came to a conclusion that I REALLY NEED to get back to working out and eating better. I relized after my sisters prom and seeing a picture of me I'm really not happy with my body right now. So, the only way to change that is getting back to working out and eating better. I know can I do it I just need to forcus and force myself to stick to it. The past few weeks I haven't been that good and I haven't really cared. But now I care and starting today after work I will be back to w orking out!

I hope everyone has a great work week.

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