Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Washer & Dryer!!

A few months ago our dryer at home went out, bummer tell me about! We both agreed to wait to buy a new washer/dryer until we bought a house. So I just have been doing washing clothes at home then running to the laundry mat to dry them. It was a pain but we needed clean clothes.

Monday after our weekend vacation to Arkansas, we had to do a bunch of laundry! We had to wash all our clothes and bedding from camping for 3 days, plus the clothes from the work week. I would said we had about 7 or so loads to do. So I got it all washed at home and ready to head to the laundry mat. The only thing we couldn't wash at home was our comforters so we had to wash & dry them there. As we are getting ready to leave Shane says this is a lot of laundry. LOL you think?! We started talking about buying a new washer/dryer set now. He was like you know either way we go I will have to move a washer/dryer when we move weather it be the old set or a new set. Good point! We also have been talking about getting a moving company to move our big stuff so we don't have too. So if we go that route he wouldn't have to move it anyways. When I brought that up he was like I never thought of that...Let's go shopping. LOL
So we went ahead and did the laundry we needed at the laundry mat then we headed out and went shopping for a new washer/dryer set.

We looked at NFM, Best Buy and Sears to price sets and check out the different brands and options on them. After about a couple hours of shopping we finally decided on the brand we wanted and headed back to Best Buy to purchase them they were cheapest there! We got a really good deal and a really nice front loading washer/dryer set. I'm super excited about these!

These will be arriving this afternoon! I do have some laundry to do tonight and I'm very excited to do it!

This is our 2nd big purchase since we got married!! :)

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