Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book: "Dead to the World"

I just finished True Blood Book #3 on Friday.

After finishing this book I thought about how often I go to the book store and how much I spend on books every couple weeks or so....I talked to Shane to get his thoughts on if I should invest in an E-Reader since I'm always reading. I'm going to run out of room to store books in our house. LOL
We talked about it and we both thought it would be a good investment for me to get. So, with my birthday next week I decided this would be a great gift for me. So, Sunday we headed out to Best Buy to compare and look at all the different ones and I decided on the Nook Color. Once I got this Sunday I came home got it all ready and bought my first book on it Dead to the World.
So far I'm loving my new toy and I can't wait to read a lot on it! :)

My new toy I love it!!

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