Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jordann's College Graduation

On May 5th 2012 my sister in law graduated from COLLEGE! I'm so proud of her and am so glad I was there to share this special day with her. :) 

Jordann graduated from UCM in Warrensburg with a degree in Bachelor of Science Psychology. 

Last weekend was very busy with all her graduation stuff but so worth it! Saturday was graduation day and we drove an hour down to Warrensburg to watch her walk across that stage and receive her degree! After that we headed back to home and went out to dinner to celebrate. Shane and I didn't get home till about 9pm and we left the house about 11:40am. It was a long day for us but we had a good time. 

Sunday we got up and headed over to dad's house to get ready for Jordann's graduation party.
There was a ton of hamburgers and hot dogs that needed cook so Shane hoped on that to get them all ready. He needed some help since there was a ton of food. I stepped up and helped him out on the grill, I grilled for the first time ever! Yes it was only hot dogs but still I grilled something. I did pretty good at it if I do say so myself. :) Her party was fun we got the hang out with the family and meet some of her friends. 

She is going to take a semester off  then she will go back for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 
She just has a year and half left to go to get that! 

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