Friday, May 25, 2012

Kasey's Graduation Day!

My sister did it! On May 20th my sister got to walk across the stage and graduate High School from Staley. I'm so proud of her! It feels crazy to have both my brother and sister out of high school and in the real world. Still doesn't seem like it should be real. LOL. I'm so proud of them both!

My sister has grown up so much in the past few years. I have really enjoyed watching her grow into such a wonderful young lady and I can't wait to continue to watch her grow! She will be attending Maple Woods college in the fall for general education right now. She isn't sure what she wants to be just yet.

Way to go Kasey!
I'm such a proud sister of 2 amazing siblings that graduated high shool within the last few years!
I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of them!

All the graduates walking in.
 She's getting ready to walk across the stage!
And there she is, She did it!
This is Nick her boyfriend walking across stage too!
 Hats on Graduates! Congrats!!
 There's the pretty High School Graduate! Congrats sissy! You did it!
 Both Graduates. Aren't they so cute! :)

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