Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Search Begins....

We finally got to go out last night for the first time in person to look at 4 houses! We have been doing a lot of looking online so we were pretty excited to start looking in person.

2 out of the 4 houses we said no to right away. The first 2 we looked at we both liked but we didn't think they for us and some areas seemed kinda of small for us. But we will continue too look and find the one we both love.

I just wanted to share the houses we have went to look at and share our process with everyone. :)

We loved the backyard at this house. It was so big. The only down side was we would have to put in a fence, but that's something we could do.
The deck was nice and liked how it was a walk-out from downstairs
We thought the kitchen was decent size. It's bigger then what we have now. LOL
I loved that the laundry room was right off the kitchen. No walking up and down stairs.
The dining area wasn't super big but I think it would be do able for us.
I thought the living room was a little small but once we seen the basement we didn't worry too much about it.
This is the basement. It's was huge and finished. We thought we could put the living area down here and just have a little sitting area upstairs.
This was the wet bar down in the basement. It also has a full bathroom down there.
This was the 4th bedroom down in the basement. It was nice size.
The one down fall about this house was it did have a cat. If you know Shane you how how much this really efforts him. By the time we were leaving he could feel the cat and was wheezing. No Good

House #2
The living room was way small to fit all our stuff. That was a big downside to this house.
The dining area was good and we liked the wall where you could put a hutch there or something.
Kitchen was a little odd shaped but do able for us.
The backyard was really nice and fenced so that was a plus.
 Nice Deck
 This was just a little landing area when you walk up the stairs from the front door.
 The garage was really nice. It was big and really deep lots of space to store stuff.
 This was the finished basment area. It small compared to the first house we seen. But it did have a sub basement for more storage.

House #3
House 3 I didn't take any pictures of b/c I didn't like this house.

House #4
If you look close you can see the sliding needs some work done to it. The seller of this house wants to sell it "As-Is", this was the other house we said No to as soon as we left.
 I loved the entry way with all the windows.
 The living room was huge compared to the other houses we seen.
 Dining area was kinda small don't think it would fit a table big enough for our family when they come over.
 Kitchen wasn't bad size.
 This is the deck that is off the Master Suite.
 This is the deck off the kitchen. It needed some restaining for sure.
 This is wood rot on the house and it was in other places on the house as well.
We didn't want to deal with that.
 This was a 3rd bedroom that was converted to a 1st level laundry room. So we only really had 2 bedrooms and we need at least 3 for sure.
 This was the master suite. We liked the size of it.

This ends our 1st outting at looking at houses. We are working on getting another list together for round 2. I can't wait to go back out and look at more. :)

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