Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kasey's Senior Prom!

A few weeks ago my sister who is graduating High School went to her Senior Prom. She was very excited about this and I was too. I was excited to see her all dressed and everything! That is one thing I do miss about high school is all the dances, buying a new dress, getting your hair done and getting all dressed up to have a fun night. I still have all my dresses from my dances but lord knows they won't fit anymore. LOL 

Anyways...My sister found her dress months before prom and I just loved it when she showed it to me. She looked so pretty in it and her skinny butt just makes everything look good. :) 
She got her dress at David's Bridal.. I think it fit her prefect! So pretty!
The day of prom she went and got her hair done then I meet up with her so we could make sure to get lots of pictures of her and her friends. She wanted to do pictures at Hodge Park. I think this was a great spot for prom pictures, and so did the whole school. LOL. When we got there, there were TONS of people there from her school doing pictures as well. We made sure to stay clear of them. Haha. 
We did pictures for about an hour then headed back to Nick's house (Kasey's boyfriend) because that is where the limo was picking them up at. Then they headed off to dinner and the prom!

I was so happy to be apart of this with her. I loved seeing her all dressed she was just so beautiful!! Well she always is beautiful but even more that night. :) 

The group pictures didn't turn out the best but some of them were good. It was a challenge to get good pictures when there were like 4 or 5 other people there trying to take pictures of the same group. So getting them to look at one camera was a mess. In some pictures some people were looking at the camera and some weren't. It was crazy but all turned out well. :)

Now the next step to ending her Senior year is graduation day. May 20th 2012 @ 5pm Staley High School.

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