Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Shower for Button!!

Last weekend I attend a friends baby shower. She will be 33 weeks this week and looks so cute prego. I love it! Her and her husband decided not to find out what they were having and it's driving me crazy!! I want to know so bad what is inside her belly. I'm not sure if I could handle not knowing what I was having because I would want to shop and have the room all girly (pink) or all boy stuff (blue). Not being able to shop for a certain thing would drive me nutty. Haha. But I guess some people like that surprise, but I know for sure I would want to know. :) 
Her baby shower turned out so cute and of course lots of goodies for little button when he or she arrives. I took a lot of pictures at the shower. She had a lot of fun opening all her gifts and seeing all the cute things people got for button. I loved some of her expressions on her face. 

 Goodies to take home for the guest

 They are doing the baby room in Owls. Isn't this cake too cute?!
 I believe more gifts came after I took this picture.
 Brooke Mommy to Be
 What could it be Boy or Girl????

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