Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Organization....

I have been moving right along with getting things organized and looking good! I'm loving it. At the beginning of January I did some cleaning of our bedroom closet and organized things around. I'm a little late about posting on this but now is better then never right?! :)

Between Shane and I we have a good amount of books and they were just put in our linen closet but we finally ran out of room in there too put anymore. I have been a reading fool lately so it was getting piled with books. So I decided I would make room in our closet to put the books up. We had a shelf that was good for it and we really didn't need it after I did some cleaning. As of now that is our little book shelf. When we do get a house I definitely want to invest in a nice book shelf to store all our wonderful books. We might grow out of this space soon but I will fight that battle when we reach it. LOL. Also, in the closet I hung all of Shane's hats up. I didn't like them just hanging downstairs on the railing, so I got some thumbtacks and hung these babies up. I think it turned out nice.

When I joined pinterest I found this idea to see if you wear your clothes throughout the year. I forget where I seen it (yes I forgot to pin it), but I'm sure it's not hard  to find. Sunday I decided I would do this and see how it turns out at the end of the year. I turned all my hanger around and every time I wear something I will hang it the opposite of the other hangers. Once the new year comes and all the hangers that are still backwards then I will get rid of it. I know this should have been started January 1 but it's better late then never to get things organized, right? :)

So here are all my hangers turned and ready for me to start wearing. :)

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