Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jordann's Birthday!!

Last Saturday we celebrated my sister Jordann's 23rd birthday. The family headed over to dad's house for dinner, cake, gifts and family time. Shannon made wings and potato salad for dinner it was pretty good. I don't like potato salad so I just enjoyed some wings. Stefanie made her birthday cake and it was amazing! So yummy! It was different I have never had but it was so good, it was chocolate cake with caramel inside and topped with cool whip as the frosting. Wow awesome! I think I will have to make this again but when we have people over so I don't eat the whole thing. LOL

The birthday girl!
 Time to open gifts

 She liked her new purse from her dad
 Brothers and Sisters
 The yummy cake
 Jordann enjoying her birthday cake

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