Thursday, February 23, 2012

Craft Organization

I continue on my organization of our house. Last week I started working on my craft stuff to make things easier to find and see in the cabinet. I found some really cool things at Hobby Lobby to better organize my stuff. I got a few items on sale and I was super excited about this. I love sales and getting stuff cheaper than normal. :) I don't have an actual craft room right now I just have stuff in our dining room and bedroom. I use the dining table that is in there to work on projects. We don't ever eat in the dining room for many reason, we don't have chairs for our table and we like to watch TV why we eat. LOL But once we get a house I want a nice dining room table and to have my own craft room so it's not just out for everyone to see. HAHA. I used to have a craft room in our basement when we moved in the townhouse but after Kira decided to get through the door and mess my room up I decided it wasn't worth it to have it down there. I put a lot of money into building my collection and I don't want the dog to mess it up and I have to throw stuff away. I could prolly get away with moving it back down there b/c we now keep her in a kennel, but it just seems so far to walk down there to work on stuff. Sometimes I hate that our washer and dryer are down there. I know silly but I'm sure many of you know the feeling of up and down the stair to do laundry. But most definitely when we start shopping for a house we will make sure to have a nice place for me for my crafts and my photography. I can't wait! I hate just have stuff everywhere and not all together and looking nice. It drives me nutty!

Before...I liked the little divders but they didn't hold a lot so I would have to buy many of them.
After....This wasn't the original organizer I bought for card stock. The first one I got I just loved and was super excited for it but once I got it together it didn't go together right and the shelves didn't fit. I was very disappointed about this. So Shane and I took it back while we were out last weekend and I was looking for something else but didn't see anything, so I asked him he is seen anything that would work and he found this bad boy! I do like this organizer and I can buy more and they will stack together.
Before...This was all my brads and stuff.
After...I got this at hobby lobby and it would great so I can see everything I have now!
 After now I have a little caddy I can just pull out and sit on the table when needed.
Before....I had all my stickers just in a shoe box and it was so messing to go through every time I need to see if I had a certain one or not.
After....I found this bad boy at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and I was so excited about it. I couldn't pass it up it was prefect for all my stickers I have.  So much easier to loo through now. Doesn't it look so nice now?!?

I still have some stuff I want to organize for my crafts but not sure I can do much more till we move and I have my own room with a desk! I can't wait! :) 

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