Thursday, September 13, 2012

House Tour: Bathrooms

The next tour of our house is the half bath and the 2nd bath. The master bath will be shared with the master bedroom post. 

The half bath was also painted the same night as the Family Room. The bathroom was just plain old boring white. We are were sick of white walls in our house since for the past however many years that's all we have lived with. We were ready for some color in our life! This bathroom is located right off the family room. Very nice so you don't have to walk upstairs when you have to use the bathroom. :) 

 We decided to paint this room a Soft Blueberry. It turned out so good, I love it!

 We put a vanilla rug in there by the sink. I still need to get one for around the toilet but every time I try and go to buy it they don't have it. Boo! One day I will get it. LOL. When we painted this room we had not thought of making this like an ocean bathroom but after it got done it just reminder me of the ocean. We decided to go with that theme and we got soap and candles to go with theme. We also hung up some pictures that I took when we went to Mexico. I love how this room turned out. We also replaced the mirror above the sink with a black one instead of gold. Black goes much better ;) 

 This is the 2nd bathroom and is located upstairs. We decided not to paint this room because the color in there already we liked and it went with the decorating items we bought.

 This picture is located on the wall behind the door. I found a cute little tree candle holder that I think will look cute next to this picture, but I haven't decided on weather the get it or not....

And this ends another short tour of our home...Stay tuned for more to come!

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