Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend and got a chance to enjoy the wonderful weather we had!
I know I enjoyed every bit of it!! :)

Friday: We went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant Frontera's. Then I had to run to Wal-Mart to get a few things for a photo shoot on Saturday. After Wal-Mart we headed over to a friends house to sit outside and enjoy the weather and have some drinks. It was chilly but really nice out. I loved having my jacket on sitting out there next to the fire pit we had going.

Saturday: Shane had to work from 9-3pm. When I got up I decided I wanted to go sit outside and read my Nook for a little while. It was such a wonderful morning I loved just sitting out there in the cool breeze. After my morning read I had a name frame I needed to make for the photo shoot. At 3:15 I headed out for my very first Maternity shoot in Riverside at the Waterfall down there. I will post about this later....After my shoot I headed home to get Shane and we had to go to the store then we decided to have dinner out and try Dodge City Distillery. It wasn't bad but I still love my favorite Texas Roadhouse. After dinner we went home and hung out and watched some TV.

Sunday: When we got up Shane said he wanted to make some hot tea and sit out back. It was another beautiful morning! I love sitting on our deck! After we finished our tea I made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Yum! We had already decided that Shane was going to smoke the turkey we had in our freezer since last year. So he got that all ready and on the smoker. It turned out so good when it was done! Even the dog couldn't get enough. :). Once the turkey was on the smoker we ran out to get a few things. First stop was Bath and Body for some new fall wallflower and candles for the house and then it was to the comic book store for Shane to get a new one after that was back home. We hung out outside all day and enjoyed the weather. I look forward to more weekends like this and spending time outside! Fall is coming!!

The turkey before it went on
 And after...SO Yummy!!

I hope everyone had a good work week!

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